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Surgi-Staff Inc. Nursing staffing agencies 

Surgi-Staff is a nurse staffing agency established in response to increasing nursing and medical personnel shortages.

At Surgi-Staff Inc. Nurse Staffing Agencies, our mission as a staffing agency is more than just filling in job openings. Our goal as a nurse staffing agency is to create lasting relationships that benefit both candidate and employer. For job seekers, we present opportunities for growth and professional development. For employers, we bring that missing piece of the puzzle: a candidate who remains an asset to the organization over the long run. That's what this employment agency is for!

​Please contact Surgi-Staff by submitting your application here or call us at your convenience if you have any questions. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.​

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Surgi-Staff opened for business and has been providing a cost-effective staffing solution since 1995. We take pride in what we do. We work hard to set the standard for high compensation and professional service. At Surgi-Staff, we give nurses the flexibility to work their desired hours at their preferred locations and we give the hospitals the ability to hire quality nursing professionals to help maintain safe staffing levels.

Both our nurses and client hospitals enjoy working with us because we treat them with courtesy while providing them with nothing but excellence. We are well known for our attraction and retention of a large professional pool of specialty nurses, highly experienced in OR, PACU, GI, ICU, TELE, and ER. We also employ surgical and central processing techs (CPT).  

Surgi-Staff is centered exclusively on nurse staffing. Above all, we pride ourselves on our greatest asset, YOU; dedicated healthcare professionals! When you work with Surgi-Staff, we all win!